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Six Best Wisconsin Breweries to Have a Local Beer

When it comes to planning your wedding festivities in Wisconsin, there are plenty of fun local events and destinations to include. Besides being known for cheese and the Green Bay Packers, this state also has a reputation for crafting quality beer, specifically in the Milwaukee area with Miller Brewing Company. However, there are many other businesses specializing in brewing diverse flavors. So if you want to give your guests a true treat from Wisconsin, explore the local breweries and see what the state has to offer. 

Whether you’re a fan of small batches or 30+ draft options, here are six of the best Wisconsin breweries to have a local beer during your wedding weekend!   

Wisconsin breweries

Wisconsin Brewing Co.

Just a stone’s toss away from the Greater Madison Area, Wisconsin Brewing Co. is a great spot to sit back, relax, and enjoy delectable flavors. Serving 12-14 beers daily, you and your wedding party can try everything on the menu. Consider ordering their popular brands, like Warped Speed Scotch Ale or Yankee IPA, while conversing in their taproom or backyard patio. It’s a family-friendly brewery, so you can bring your kids (and even your dog!).

Milwaukee Brewing Co.

Awarded as Milwaukee’s Best Craft Brewery of 2019, Milwaukee Brewing Co. crafts its beverages with local ingredients and creativity. They also stay true to their principles of managing a sustainable and innovative brewing business by partnering with local suppliers. With over 30 draft lines, their expansive menu is a treat for all guests. Be on the lookout for their new taproom and restaurant opening soon. Milwaukee Brewing Co. also offers private events, perfect for a celebratory weekend.      

Minhas Craft Brewery

As one of the oldest breweries in the Midwest, Minhas Craft Brewery offers a fascinating glimpse into history. From the Great Depression and Prohibition to the present day, this family-owned business continues to produce excellent beers. Try their award-winning premium brews from their Boxer selection, or book a guided tour. You and your guests will learn something new and satisfy your tastebuds.    

Rustic Road Brewing Company

If you’re looking for unique flavors, consider visiting Rustic Road Brewing Company. This Wisconsin gem specializes in small batches and highlights artisanal ideas to diversify their beer flavors. Although they curate beer in smaller quantities, they can explore new aromas, tastes, and textures. So stop by and try their Highland Porter or Hazelnut Harvest. It will take your palate on a journey and leave you wanting more!   

One Barrel Brewing Company

A local favorite, One Barrel Brewing Company remains true to their slogan, “Handmade in small batches with love.” Although they have grown significantly since their opening in 2012, they continue to perfect their beer and cider recipes. Couples can enjoy their drinks from local stores or a fresh pint at one of their taprooms. 

The Madison Taproom is the original location and offers a savory BBQ menu featuring sliced beef brisket and house-made mac and cheese. And the Egg Harbor Taproom also provides a beer garden and pizza. Consider adding One Barrel Brewing Company to your pre-wedding plans. It’s an excellent choice for your rehearsal dinner or welcome party!  

Lakefront Brewing

Two brothers opened Lakefront Brewing in 1987, a spot which has since become a staple in the Milwaukee area. Their menu includes year-round, seasonal, limited-release, organic, and gluten-free options. Lakefront is also famous for its brewery tours, allowing visitors to enjoy taste tests throughout the tour rather than at the end. So if you’re searching for a fun and delicious activity with your entourage, check out Lakefront Brewing. 

Adding a brewery trip (or two!) to your wedding weekend itinerary is an excellent way to get a taste of Wisconsin. Your guests and wedding party will love getting immersed in the local culture and flavors. And if you visit during a Packers game, be prepared for an exciting experience with passionate fans. 

Once you’ve decided on your list of Wisconsin breweries, remember to secure a Green Bay wedding venue that will elevate your celebrations even more. Gather on Broadway is your one-stop shop for wedding festivities blending a perfect mix of historic charm and modern elements. So get in touch with us today to start planning your special day!