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Best Green Bay Area Wedding Day Timeline

When you visualize a typical wedding, you may think of the ceremony and reception. However, a wedding day timeline is more complicated than that. For instance, you’ll want to think about other critical moments in the day, such as getting ready, formal portraits, and final breakdown. All these factors play a role in your event, so being time conscientious and organized is a must. If you want a seamless and hassle-free celebration, here’s a sneak peek into the best Green Bay area wedding day timeline!    

Wedding day timeline

Stage 1: Getting Ready 

Set your big day up for smooth sailing by ensuring plenty of time to get ready. No GB wedding timeline is complete without a preparation stage, which includes hair and makeup, wardrobe, and some downtime. As you estimate the getting-ready timeframe, keep your party size and the ceremony’s commencement in mind. Communicate the getting ready timeframe with your wedding party, so everyone can plan accordingly. As for your hair and makeup, opt for a trial run with your makeup team to gain a better estimate for your wedding day.

Finally, make some time for yourself! Enjoy snacks and sip wine with your wedding party to get energized for the festivities ahead!    

Stage 2: First Look 

The first look has become a popular addition to modern wedding timelines, allowing couples to share an intimate moment before tying the knot. If this is up your alley, add it to your wedding schedule. Keep in mind that you can customize the experience and make it unique to you and your partner. So if you want to go beyond the first look tradition and add a little spin, make sure to allot time for additional activities, like exchanging and reading love notes. 

Stage 3: The moment of “I dos”

The time to cement your vows has arrived. While wedding ceremonies last an average of 30 minutes, wedding timelines will vary based on the couple and their traditions. For instance, religious ceremonies may incorporate rituals, readings, and prayers, prolonging the runtime.

Your wedding party size will also affect the processional and recessional intervals. Larger wedding parties are likely to take longer than smaller ones, so do your best to coordinate the timing with the schedule. But don’t stress about the small stuff! Your officiant will lead the ceremony and ensure everything flows seamlessly.   

Stage 4: Wedding Party Portraits

Following the beautiful ceremony, your wedding planner will guide guests to cocktail hour, allowing your photographer to capture your wedding party portraits. If you’re worried about your guests, don’t be! They get to enjoy some champagne while mingling. Also, the average formal photoshoot is 30 minutes, so you will only be away for a short time (WeddingWire, 2021). However, it’s always a safe bet to allow some buffer time between portraits and the reception. 

For a smooth photo session, provide your photographer a shot list in advance, so you can spend less on photos and focus on celebrating with your guests. After your photoshoot, you and your wedding party will make a memorable entrance, indicating the start of the reception.

Stage 5: Reception  

Most of the day has focused on formalities, but now you can relax and have fun with your guests. The reception is usually divided into two halves – the wedding traditions and party time. You may begin with dinner, the first dance, and family dances, but if wedding traditions aren’t your thing, march to the beat of your own drum. Make sure all the activities on your wishlist are accounted for in your wedding timeline.

After everyone is wined and dined, it’s time to moonwalk onto the dance floor and bust a move. You can rely on your trusty DJ to carry the night along and finish with a bang.

Stage 6: Post-reception 

It’s closing time, and at this point, everyone is making their way toward the exit. But before you call it a night, you’ll want to ensure you have a breakdown plan in place. Inquire about your Green Bay venue’s clean-up services and see if your coordinator’s team can manage the details. From there, designate a friend or family member to collect your wedding gifts and mementos. 

Once everything is set, you and your partner can finally put your feet up, relax, and soak in the memories.

Your Green Bay wedding day timeline is complete, so what’s next? 

That’s our rundown of an ideal GB wedding timeline! When you feel content with your schedule, you’ll want to reserve an event space to host your beautiful day. Gather on Broadway is the perfect canvas to customize and breathe life into your wedding vision. Get in touch with us today to schedule a tour!