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Green Bay Elopement Venue Mistakes to Avoid

Planning a wedding is exciting, but it can feel like a lot of work — especially when you’re balancing a job and other responsibilities! That’s why many engaged couples in Green Bay are opting to elope instead of hosting a full-sized wedding. Elopements are cost-effective, simpler to plan, and typically involve less drama due to a scaled-down guest count. Instead of worrying about who to invite, you only have to think about what you and your partner want for your big day!

Here are some statistics about elopement trends in the U.S. from Simply Eloped:

  • Average age: 31 years old
  • Most popular season: Fall
  • Average headcount: 10 guests
  • 82% of couples who elope choose to marry out-of-state

If you’re planning to get hitched as easily as possible, here are five mistakes to avoid when booking your dream Green Bay elopement venue!

#1. Waiting too long

While you’ll certainly want to spend time soaking in your engagement, booking your Green Bay elopement venue should be the first step on your to-do list. With it, you will secure a wedding date and possibly a list of preferred vendors to make the selection process an easy one. 

Many wedding planning decisions can wait, but not the venue — especially if you have a dream location or date in mind. Taking too long to lock in an elopement venue in Green Bay could mean delaying your wedding if other couples book before you!

#2. Picking the wrong size 

It’s important to estimate your guest count before considering your Green Bay elopement venue options. Otherwise, you may risk booking a space that is too small or too large for your celebration! If a venue isn’t large enough to accommodate your guest count, you can incur more expenses to rent tents. Or, in the worst case scenario, you might lose your deposit if you have to find a new venue at a later date.

While the consequences of a too-small wedding venue might seem obvious, a space that is too large can also be problematic — especially for elopements, minimonies, and micro-weddings. A large ballroom, for example, can feel cavernous and unwelcoming for a group of 20! Get clear on an estimated headcount before selecting a wedding venue in Green Bay.

#3. Touring before budgeting

Elopement venue tours offer the first glimpse at how your Green Bay elopement can look and feel, but don’t schedule anything before agreeing on a wedding budget with your partner. Otherwise, you may get swept away by a GB wedding venue that isn’t a realistic option for your spending plan!

The wedding venue is typically the largest wedding planning expense, averaging around 30% of the average budget. Figure out how much you’re willing to invest in your big day and determine how much you can allocate toward your Green Bay elopement venue before scheduling any tours. 

#4. Booking site unseen

Galleries of past wedding photos are nice, but there’s no replacing a real in-person site tour to get a feel for how an elopement venue in Green Bay aligns with your vision. A venue walkthrough is an opportunity to see the space up close and ask questions about rules, procedures, packages, and other important details for your big day.

In some cases, traveling to visit a venue for a destination elopement may not be possible. Fortunately, many venues can provide virtual tours through 3D software or video calls, so request one if possible. This will help you see how your elopement venue looks today rather than for someone’s wedding several years ago!

#5. Forgetting to ask the right questions

Picking the perfect Green Bay elopement venue is more than a matter of cost. While it might seem easy to compare by price, there is a lot more to the decision! Asking the right questions will help you discover the best option for your wedding needs. Here are a few to consider asking during your research process:

  • What is the maximum number of guests allowed?
  • How long can we access the property on the wedding day?
  • Can we drop off wedding items earlier in the week?
  • Do your wedding packages include anything in addition to the space rental? (i.e. catering, rentals, décor, etc.)
  • Are there any site fees or food & beverage minimums we should know about?
  • When would our rehearsal happen? Can we host the rehearsal dinner here?

If you’re ready to say “I do” to the perfect Green Bay elopement venue, you’ve come to the right place! Gather on Broadway hosts weddings and events of all styles, and we’d love to show you what we can do for your GB elopement!

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