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5 Must-See Locations for Green Bay Engagement Photos

If you’re planning a Green Bay wedding, let us be one of the first to send our congratulations — you picked a great city to tie the knot! As you busy yourself with planning checklists and site tours of GB wedding venues, don’t forget to start thinking about the Green Bay engagement photos you will share with loved ones. 

From finding the right Green Bay wedding photographer to coordinating the perfect outfits, there is plenty that goes into an engagement shoot. But perhaps the most important is the big question of where you will take pictures! Not only will they serve as lifelong memories, but you will also get to use them for save-the-dates and day-of wedding décor — so they have to be just right.

Our beautiful city offers numerous backdrops for your GB engagement pictures, so spend some time reviewing the below with your partner and figuring out what location feels picture-perfect! Better yet, make a date out of it! What better way to enjoy a romantic weekend than scouting out scenic sites for your engagement shoot in Green Bay?

Here are five must-see spots begging for you to show off your newly-engaged status.

Green Bay Botanical Garden

Perfect for plant lovers and floral enthusiasts, the Green Bay Botanical Garden offers engaged couples in Green Bay with plenty of unique and picturesque settings. With 47 acres of various gardens and naturescapes, you could easily spend all day strolling through the space with your partner (and your GB wedding photographer!). Bonus points for featuring blooms that match your wedding color palette!

Fonferek’s Glen County Park

Calling all nature folks! Fonferek’s Glen County Park is bursting with photo ops for a GB engagement shoot that captures the beauty of the outdoors (and your love!). With a stunning waterfall, rocky cliffs, and a scenic overlook, this is a can’t-miss site for adventurers and anyone who loves surrounding themselves with nature. Plus, the park welcomes dogs, so your four-legged friend can join you for the sweetest Green Bay engagement photos!

Off-Broadway Murals in the Broadway District

Prefer a more urban feel? Looking for bold colors and a creative take on engagement photos in Green Bay? The murals in the Broadway District have you covered! From a prideful lion to whimsical flowers, you will find plenty of artwork to make for a fun and dynamic engagement shoot. Downtown Green Bay is also home to a number of sculptures and monuments, so there is always an excuse to wander off and find a new gem for your photos!

Psst… Gather on Broadway is also on Broadway (surprise!), so feel free to stop by your favorite Green Bay wedding venue and say hello!


All cheeseheads welcome! For Packers fans, Titletown is the only choice for your Green Bay engagement shoot. There are no other options — sorry, we don’t make the rules! Situated just west of Lambeau Field, Titletown is home to many activities including an ice skating rink, a full-size football field, and plenty of modern dining options. With Lambeau towering next to it, you will get unforgettable GB engagement photos that do not leave any questions about who you’re pulling for on Sundays.

Fox River State Trail

Stretching along the Fox River, the Fox River State Trail is 25 miles of natural and historical beauty. For Green Bay engagement shoot purposes, there are about five miles closer to the downtown area that are perfect for photos. Beyond that, you will end up in the Wisconsin countryside — which may be beautiful, but surely not what you planned for engagement pictures in GB! Dogs are welcome on the trail, so feel free to bring your pooch if you would like.

Bay Beach

Bay Beach is the perfect location for free-spirited engaged couples in Green Bay who want to have some fun during their photo shoot! Amusement rides, like a ferris wheel, roller coaster, and tilt-a-whirl, provide a colorful and vibrant setting to showcase your love for each other. So grab your partner, have a blast, and don’t be afraid to let the silly side shine! Your GB engagement pictures will bring a smile to your face for years!

We’re thrilled you are celebrating your love in Green Bay, and we are always here to support you! Whether we can show you around our stunning wedding venue in downtown Green Bay or point you in the direction of other engagement shoot locations, we are pleased to help. Give us a shout — we can’t wait to learn more about your big day!