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Catie and Nick make their Grand Entrance at Gather on Broadway.

Wedding trends

Newly engaged? Do you wake up every morning and pinch yourself, knowing you’re going to marry your best friend? Congratulations! Ahnna Dexter, Gather on Broadway’s Wedding Events Manager, is committed to making your wedding day as perfect as possible. Ahnna meets with couples to learn what’s important to them. Each wedding is personalized at Gather on Broadway, whether you go minimalist or all-out. So, what wedding trends are popular today?

Before life becomes jam-packed with wedding decisions, we’ll make life easier by narrowing your focus. Wedding trends come and go. Ahnna identified a few wedding trends on the What’s Out list.

What’s Out for Wedding Trends

Clinking Glasses for a Kiss:

Instead, couples create a “Kissing Menu” of alternatives. Here are some examples:

  • Sing a song
  • Demonstrate a kiss for the couple to mimic
  • Donate to a charity the bride and groom support
  • Eliminate this tradition altogether with a simple announcement from the DJ or member of the bridal party

Garter & Bouquet Toss

ince opening our doors in 2016, the garter & bouquet toss occurred just a handful of times. (A groom reaching up a bride’s dress can make anyone feel uncomfortable.) The shoe game is a fun alternative that gets everyone laughing. Couples hold up one of their shoes to answer questions about who is most likely to do certain things.

Cake Cutting

Couples now serve cupcakes, dessert bars or – surprisingly popular today – donuts! Brides and grooms replaced the traditional wedding cake with diverse desserts.

Photo Booths

As an alternative to renting a photo booth, couples set up their own photo spot for guests. They make a ring of lights or set up a spotlight with masquerade masks nearby.

Receiving Line

The bridal party is often on a tight schedule, and a receiving line takes time. After a ceremony at Gather on Broadway, guests transition to the bar to enjoy cocktail hour. The bridal couple greets and interacts with guests at the reception and dance.

Grand March

he Grand Entrance before dinner is more popular than the Grand March late in the evening. At the Grand Entrance, a DJ introduces the bridal party, and couples do silly dances or entrance poses but nothing crazy. The Grand March tends to be rowdier. The bridal party dresses up to follow a theme, like Rock ‘n Roll, football, or Halloween.

Wedding trends are forever changing

You know best what you want for your special day. Age-old traditions and new practices can blend in a seamless package. At a couple’s six-month consult, Ahnna will help determine what wedding trends are important to you. She reviews a checklist of ideas and builds a timeline for the wedding day. Whatever wedding trends you choose, Gather on Broadway will make your day as perfect as possible.

Photo Courtesy of Kaley Rae Photography