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Breakfast with Santa | Holiday Event

To truly experience the magic of Christmas, you need to see it through a child’s eyes. At Breakfast with Santa, hosted by Gather on Broadway, both children and adults encounter the magic of the holiday season.

An Arrival Filled with Cheer

Although it’s early in the morning, the scenic blue snowflakes and soft lighting elicit a Christmas evening feeling. Guests stomp the picturesque snow of Broadway off their feet and are greeted by friendly elves and an open gathering space where little feet are anxiously prancing around in animated anticipation of the jolly elf leader.

As adult guests finish off their mimosas and kids sip from hot chocolate (or, in the case of a curious 3-year-old, a cup of sprinkles and marshmallows), Gather on Broadway Executive Chef Jyll Everman welcomes her guests to “Breakfast with Santa. She introduces us to her family and invites us into what feels like her home. She cheerfully describes how the morning’s events will unfold and stresses that families should relax and enjoy the morning without having to wait in lines.

The Magical Event Unfolds

cupcake at Breakfast with Santa

Soon a hush comes over the little ones when Santa Claus appears. He greets everyone in the room as he makes his way over to his regal red chair. Dozens of little feet gather around Santa to hear a Christmas story, their little eyes sparkling with excitement while their ears are hanging on every word.

After the story, the curtains swing open, and a tiny voice across the room shouts out, “Mom! The curtains are open!” Guests can now see the warm atmosphere of the entire Gather space.

Food & Family Time

Families are invited to leisurely visit different parts of the event. From across the room you can see a toddler pouring liberal amounts of sprinkles on a snowman cookie. Kids at their tables put endearing touches on Christmas ornaments. Another family fills their plates with breakfast items from Chef Jyll’s perfectly balanced kid- and adult-friendly menu. A toddler licks vanilla bean buttercream frosting off of a gorgeously crafted cupcake. Everywhere around you kids are giggling and families are enjoying holiday time together, just like a peaceful Christmas evening.

Special Moments with Santa

Perhaps the most magical part of all, though, is Santa Claus, waiting cheerfully for good girls and boys to stop by for a visit. This is not a take-your-picture-and-go Santa. At Gather, you are home, and at home there are no time limits. Many of Santa’s first visitors are timid, but as the event unfolds, they begin to feel more and more comfortable, and Santa has time to listen to their wish lists and their stories (even for a third time, if a toddler wants to). This Santa Claus has the time and the temperament to let children experience the magic of Christmas just the way a kid reads about in every Christmas story.

Come Gather at Breakfast with Santa

Anyone hoping to get that extra special time with Santa is welcome to join Chef Jyll and her family at the final Breakfast with Santa event of the year on Dec. 8. Visit the Gather on Broadway website to secure some of the few remaining tickets. Come enjoy Christmas this holiday season through the sparkly eyes of a child at Breakfast with Santa.