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A Place to Gather

A first-time guest at Gather on Broadway’s monthly TASTE event may be thinking that “Gather” is just a catchy name for a downtown business. Ten minutes into the event, though, the spirit of “gathering” truly embodies a guest’s experience at TASTE.

Upon entering the doors, guests are greeted by name to long, family-dinner-style tables. In keeping with the theme of “gathering,” the place settings affirm, “We are delighted you are here with us.” The nighttime energy of Broadway sparkles at guests through tall windows, while those outside peek through with envy at the fall-themed table settings inside Gather.

Before the event begins, guests greet each other at the bar and the tables. Many peek over the 5-course menu in anticipation of the meal to come. Tonight’s thirty guests range from mid-20s to middle aged, and all are dressed for a casual evening out. As 7 p.m. nears, guests eagerly find their seats and meet their table mates.

TASTE is Designed for Comfort

Designed for foodies and non-foodies alike, TASTE is structured to make guests feel welcome and at home. After the guests have found their seats, Chef Jyll Everman emerges from her busy kitchen preparation to welcome all her guests to her “night to play.” This is Chef Jyll pouring her passion onto a plate as she invites close friends and soon-to-be friends to enjoy her expertise and unique take on different themes each month. She gives an overview of the night, pointing out that tonight will be intentionally paced for relaxation, given the heaviness of the evening’s Southern cuisine.

TASTE Southern CuisineFor each course, Chef Jyll describes her inspiration for the dish. Her enthusiasm for each course is evident through her energetic body language and word choice. Expertise shines through also, as she defends her choices, saying things like “chicken thighs are the filet mignon of chicken.” Chef Jyll gives advice on how to best enjoy her dishes. The second course, for example, includes sweet strawberries neatly balanced on top of buttermilk chicken and waffles. She encourages her guests to get a little of each in one bite to get the full experience.

Indulgent, Well-crafted Menu

As each course is served, guests admire the plating, nod their heads as they glance over the menu to appreciate each of the elements of the dish, and take their first bites. Indeed, they emphatically agree, this is Chef Jyll on a plate, and Chef Jyll knows what she’s doing. Each dish is an exciting take on well-known dishes. Guests are clearly enjoying each bite and even more anxious for what’s to come on this indulgent, well-crafted menu. The night moves at a comfortable pace as guests have time to enjoy and reflect on each dish in between taking group photos and cementing the night as a special memory.

Emphatic Response to TASTE

Tonight’s event featured many returning guests, and based on the emphatic responses to each course, tonight’s guests will be future attendees as well. On Thursday, October 24, Chef Jyll will host a Fall Harvest Dinner featuring plates inspired by food from five local farms. Each month, TASTE features a different theme. Tonight’s menu was crafted just for tonight, but guests are welcome to make requests for future private or public events.

Those who come to Gather once will likely be marking their calendars for a future visit, so reserve your spot sooner rather than later to secure a place at Chef Jyll’s table.