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Vendor Spotlight | Petal Pusher Floral Studio

Petal Pusher is a Green Bay florist that thrives on the magic of turning flora into feelings. Located in the Broadway District at 119 N. Broadway, Petal Pusher is a full-service florist, performing incredible custom wedding work, creating fresh flower arrangements for events of all types, and making daily deliveries.

Nichole Campbell, owner and lead designer, earned a bachelor’s degree in plant biology at UW-Green Bay and joined “The Push” team in 1998. In 2006, she and her husband, Shawn, purchased the Allouez business. They relocated to Downtown Green Bay in 2014. Nichole and her six floral designers focus on natural and organic design – with a touch of the whimsical. Petal Pusher sources flowers from around the world, from its own 26-acre flower farm, and from two other local growers.

We asked Nichole to tell us about Petal Pusher’s collaboration with Gather on Broadway. Here’s what she had to say:

What flowers does Petal Pusher supply to Gather on Broadway?

Fresh flowers for weddings, corporate events, classes, special event dinners and so on. For our wedding work, it’s our job to create our couple’s vision and atmosphere, and we love weddings in which the personality of the couple comes through. When it comes to corporate events and cooking classes, it’s fun to theme things to Jyll’s menu and incorporate locally grown produce or something fun and unexpected.

Why do you like to see Petal Pusher flowers on display at Gather on Broadway?

We love the feel of the space. It’s interesting and industrial, yet neutral at the same, so it lends itself to so many different looks. I love that it can become so many different feels and moods depending on the decor we add to it. And we certainly love setting up right down the street!

What is it like to work with the Gather on Broadway staff?

We always love collaborating with our downtown neighbors. Their staff is always so accommodating of timelines and requests from our clients. When we have weddings with the ceremony and reception at Gather, their staff executes the most precise and quick room flips I have ever seen! (And I’ve been doing this for over 20 years.) I always love watching that happen and seeing the big reveal when the curtain is pulled and the guests see what has been happening while they were enjoying cocktails. Gets me every time!

What makes Gather on Broadway different than other clients you work with?

It was really amazing to see the effort and vision that went into creating Gather as a venue. It certainly wasn’t easy. It was just a bare, run-down shell of a building. It certainly would have been easier to open or build a brand-new venue elsewhere. It was an absolute passion project, and I think that passion, energy and enthusiasm carry over into the events they create. They want every event to be memorable and unique, and that commitment was forged when they committed to opening Gather.

Why would you refer others to Gather on Broadway?

My favorite thing is its location. Downtown just has so much to offer for guests. So many of our weddings love the idea of having their ceremony and reception in the same space. It’s so convenient for guests and wedding party alike. Everyone gets to spend the majority of the day together, which is so wonderful. It’s a day that goes sooo fast, so enjoying more moments together makes sense. I always like to mention the “one stop shopping” for weddings we offer on Broadway. You can literally get your venue, florist, bakery, salon, photographer, dresses, and tuxes within a few blocks. All of the downtown vendors know each other and work so well together. That takes some of the stress off the couple.

(*The Bridal Show on Broadway features Broadway’s incredible wedding service providers. The event is held at Gather on Broadway in early March. Watch for it every year!)

Any other comments?

I love that Gather on Broadway is creating a culture by offering events beyond weddings, dinners and classes. Sometimes it’s a great concert, awesome small plates and cocktails during Farmers Market, a cool ladies event involving a clothing swap, or a fabulous drag show. Whatever the event, it’s always about bringing people together and celebrating.

Photo courtesy of Petal Pusher.