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Public Events | Farmers Market at Gather

Wednesday night is my favorite night of the week! It’s Farmer’s Market on Broadway season, and Gather on Broadway opens its doors to the public. You’ll love stopping in for live music, craft cocktails and my seasonal small plates menu. The menu changes every week, and each dish is a real treat.

New Spin on Vegetables & Fruits

I love getting inspired by what I see at the farm booths on Broadway. I like to give our guests a new spin on the same-old vegetables and fruits they see every week. Tomatoes are just starting to look delicious, so tomatoes make a weekly appearance in different ways. I use them in dishes like a Caprese Salad with Farro, Fresh Hummus with Heirloom Tomato Garnish, and Tomato Flatbreads with Burrata Cheese.

Fresh Ingredients Shine

The bright flavors of seasonal foods get my heart racing and my brain churning. I think of flavor profiles, putting unique spins on old classics and finding ways to make the fresh ingredients shine without covering them up. The colors and flavors of the farmers’ produce, along with the freshly baked breads and assorted cheese stands, give me endless possibilities. I find myself having to reign myself in and pace out my menu.

Pleasure of Cooking with Fresh Foods

Even a novice cook can enjoy cooking and serving the fresh vegetables and fruits they purchase at the Farmers Market on Broadway. Here are a few tips for storing, washing, and preparing fresh vegetables and fruits at home.

Storing Farmers Market Produce

Corn and tomatoes are NEVER to be stored in your refrigerator. They have too much sugar and get starchy and mealy when refrigerated. Try to eat your fresh corn within 24 hours of buying to get the sweetest, juiciest corn.

Washing Fresh Fruit, Vegetables

To wash your fresh produce, simply fill your sink with 1 part white wine vinegar to 4 parts water and give your produce a dunk. This works especially well for berries. It kills all mold, and the berries last up to 2 weeks in the fridge after the wash!

Tips from Vendors

If you unfamiliar with a certain fruit or vegetable at the Farmers Market on Broadway, ask the vendor for tips on how to wash, prepare and store your fresh produce.

Try a New Herb, Vegetable, Fruit

And finally, go outside the box! Pick an herb, vegetable or fruit you have never worked with and try it! The internet is easily accessible for recipes on every ingredient in the world, so it’s time to branch out! Visit Gather on Broadway on Wednesday nights for some inspiration. The Farmer’s Market on Broadway is open from 3-8 p.m. every Wednesday on Broadway Avenue in Downtown Green Bay until Sept. 25.