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“Your life is about to change!”

Such is the audacity of Chef Jyll Everman, as she described the impact of a first taste of Tuscan Panzanella Salad at CHOP. The classic Italian salad, made with toasted bread cubes, sliced cherry tomatoes, and fresh herbs, smelled incredible and tasted even better. Making it even more amazing was watching Chef Jyll create the Italian favorite.

Welcome to CHOP!

CHOP is part cooking demonstration and part indulgence. Food Network Star and Gather Executive Chef Jyll invites you into her kitchen – just roomy enough for 20 guests – for an intimate cooking demonstration. Guests sit shoulder-to-shoulder next to other wanna-be cooks inside Gather on Broadway’s kitchen, watching Chef Jyll perform her magic. Afterwards, they enjoy an incredible 4-course meal they just saw come together.

Offered in a variety of themes and menus, CHOP is a treat for foodies, aspiring cooks, and anyone who likes to watch a professional chef in action. CHOP is held about twice a month, and registration is limited to the first 20 guests who sign up online.

Telling stories, giving advice

Chef Jyll talks a mile-a-minute, describing everything involved in creating her dish. She loves to tell stories. (Ask her about the two dreamy brothers who run a bed and breakfast near Rome.) She also loves to give advice about where to find ingredients and how to incorporate them into meals. Here’s one of her tips: “Always use unsalted butter; you never let anyone else season your food.”

At CHOP: Taste of Italy in April, Chef Jyll threw in an impromptu knife skills class and basil-mincing demonstration. Despite being a finalist on “Food Network Star” Season 7, Chef Jyll struggled to pull the plastic wrap off a cucumber she wanted to slice for the salad. She’s the first to make fun of herself.

As she talks and multi-tasks, preparing several dishes at once, she answers questions from guests. Simple answers, not food-snob answers. Chef Jyll roped in her mom, Nancy, to be her cooking assistant, and the good-natured mother/daughter banter adds to the fun. So does Jyll’s likable nature and infectious laugh.

Sharing an exquisite meal

From the kitchen, CHOP moves to the dining room, where guests chose a wine selection to accompany their meal. Seated around a community table, guests mingle and interact while savoring the flavors of an exquisite meal. When you experience CHOP at Gather on Broadway, you laugh, learn, and indulge in food and wine. You just sit back and watch, without being put on the spot to cook yourself.

Ready to experience CHOP?

Are you ready to experience CHOP? To register, visit the Gather on Broadway Public Events page or follow us on Facebook. Can’t make it to a regularly scheduled event? Well then, create your own! Gather’s kitchen is available for custom cooking classes and food demonstrations for groups of up to 20 people. Contact us to learn more.