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Ceremony - full audience

A Summer Wedding | Mike + Jill

Mike and Jill are a very special couple for the Gather on Broadway team.  They took a chance on us and signed up to be our first everything – first event, first wedding, first bride and groom.  As they toured the still-under-construction venue, they too saw the incredible potential of the exposed brick, industrial beams and wide open space.  When they decided to make Gather part of their love story, we were honored, proud and – let’s face it – a little scared.

Our happiest moment was seeing Mike and Jill’s faces as they arrived to the venue for their rehearsal.  We know we kept them in suspense as the renovations were completed, but every element was in place to create the wedding weekend of their dreams.  Thank you Mike and Jill for having faith in us and for allowing us to be part of your story.  You will forever be a part of ours.

Jill and her bridesmaids prepared for the wedding ceremony in our upstairs Celebration suite.  They were able to look down at all the preparations from a special window from the suite.

Upstairs Celebration suite
View of reception from the Celebration suite

Candlelight and soft lighting created an intimate backdrop to the touching and heartfelt ceremony that brought the couple’s two families together – there was not a dry eye in the house!

Mike and Jill’s wedding ceremony
Mike and Jill’s wedding ceremony

The reception menu featured Chef Jyll’s specialty passed appetizers that guests could enjoy throughout the night.  The late night menu featured chips and Dean’s French Onion dip – the bride’s favorite guilty pleasure!

Fruit and cheese platter
Hummus trio
Fried mac and cheese
BBQ pork flatbread with sriracha coleslaw

There is no greater blessing then celebrating a couple’s love.  Thank you Mike and Jill for sharing your day with us!